Marion Barber Arrested For Flashing A Gun Loaded With Hollowtips In Church, NBD


The last month has not been a very good one for Cowboy Nation, has it?

First Jerry Jones is photographed with some loose women, then they get absolutely demolished at home by the 49ers, and now we get word that the reason ex-Cowboy RB Marion Barber was arrested in June was because he was flashing a loaded pistol to the congregation of a church.

According to police, Marion was “speaking erratically when he removed his jacket showing the congregants his firearm.” Furthermore, police report that Barber “had no idea what year it was or were he was at.” Not a good look for someone carrying a loaded gun with three magazines filled with 51 hollow-tip bullets.

Barber was eventually arrested around 8 PM and held for “mental detention and observation.”

For more on the story, head to TMZ Sports.

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