Charlotte McKinney Showed Up On Fox News As The New Kate Upton [VIDEO]

Charlotte McKinney Fox News Kate Upton

Charlotte McKinney showed up on FOX News today, and the big question was: “Is Charlotte McKinney the New Kate Upton?” Well, first of all, we just want to say that this entire segment shouldn’t have ended up in the FOX 411 celebrity section of the daily broadcast. We think it’s a very serious question that should probably be debated in a bar somewhere.

FOX News, however, actually brought Charlotte McKinney on the air to offer her opinion. We’re happy to report that Charlotte really did a great job on the air, too. We’re big fans of Charlotte, of course, and have covered her sexiest GIFs and caught her modeling see-through tops and hot lingerie. It was great to see her sounding so articulate. She handled the Kate comparison gracefully (“I think we’re two totally different people but I admire her business aspect of her career.”) and also explained building her Instagram fame…

I remember asking one of my agents like, “Hey, is this Instagram thing good for models or is it bad?”  And they said, “No. Keep doing it.  Heidi Klum, or whoever, has millions of followers and that doesn’t hurt them.” So, I kept with it.  I think it definitely helped.

We’ll keep helping ourselves to more of Charlotte on Instagram, but first we’re going to check out this video again. Not that it’s news to us that Charlotte is news. We told you a year ago to put her on your radar–and you should follow that advice with lots of other lovely ladies, too….

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