ASU Students Be Like… [58 PHOTOS]

You know, not just any student can be an Arizona State University student. That’s like calling up Sylvester Stallone and telling him that you’re thinking about being an Expendable. A true ASU guy or gal is already training to attend the kind of school  where the books hit back.

That’s why we’re always tuned into amazing ASU Twitter accounts like @ASUConfessions and @N0TFAMOUS_YET. And while we’re really excited over a new season of college football,it’s even more exciting to know that ASU has started up a new semester of wacky hijinks and probably a few felonies. Not that we encourage that kind of behavior. We just admire that ASU spirit.

So check out these pics to see just how spirited things can get at America’s favorite party school, and get ready for another great tour of higher learning–and remember to catch all the best action early via @ASUConfessions and @N0TFAMOUS_YET….

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