Lenox Tillman on "America's Next Top Model" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Lenox Tillman on America’s Next Top Model

(9:00 PM EST, The CW)

Your nomadic See Her Tonight column was actually traveling through Newnan, Georgia when recently writing about our love for a lady on the current cycle (or season) of America’s Next Top Model. Then we mentioned that at a local IHOP, and were quickly informed that we were morally wrong to be sitting in Newnan while not writing about the beauty of local girl–and current America’s Next Top Model contestant–Lenox Tillman.  [photo via…]
Fortunately, the people of Newnan were more like The Andy Griffith Show and less like Deliverance. They let us live after we promised that we would, in fact, balance our love for Ivy Timlin by also saluting the local talent–which isn’t much of a chore, since Lenox Tillman offers up plenty of wild modeling herself. In fact, she shows off a lot of personality and is ready to do some really daring displays in the name of high fashion. Take a look for yourself, and see why we’re happy to catch up to this sexy Southern star…

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