Bianca Booth Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]

Bianca Booth is a sexy Australian model who should be on your radar. Not only is she about as fit as a woman can be, her face is easy to stare at. Serious props to the guys from the fantastic blog LifeWithoutAndy for finding this hottie and sharing her photos with the world.
From the looks of things, Bianca spends a lot of time traveling the world and posting photos of herself in bathing suits. With a body like that, we’re not too surprised/upset.
BTW, how upset are the Brits right now for shipping all those convicts to the part of the world that’s clearly better to live in?
[Editor’s note: normally we like to use closer headshots for our Radar leads but we couldn’t find one for Bianca and there was no way we weren’t featuring her today.]

Nationality: AUS | Measurements: 33-23-35

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