Amanda Fuller Turns Into Brittany Murphy Tonight On Lifetime

If you haven’t heard of Amanda Fuller before, it’s probably because you don’t watch the Tim Allen series Last Man Standing. Nevertheless, this lovely and talented actress is bringing Brittany Murphy back to life tonight when she plays the deceased actress in the Lifetime Original Movie The Brittany Murphy Story.
Now, there’s been some friction recently as Brittany’s loudmouthed father has been attacking Amanda online, saying that Brittany¬†“would be horrified to know who they chose to play her and how cheap it all is.” His attacks have done nothing to deter people from watching though, and if anything, all his rabble rousing has only increased interest in the project. We also think certain guys’ fond memories of Brittany are also likely to bring Lifetime some male viewers–and this hot Brittany Murphy gallery will remind you why she was once set to a starlet.
Let’s also not forget that this is a Lifetime movie we’re talking about here, so cheese is the order of the day. We¬†don’t think anyone’s going to think this is a blow-by-blow depiction of Brittany’s actual life and tragic death anymore than they thought that Lindsay Lohan was Liz Taylor. Best just to take it all with a grain of salt and enjoy watching one super sexy actress portraying another.
We certainly hope this leads to bigger and better things for Amanda, because frankly, she’s deserving of better roles in the future. Still, that’s certainly not about to stop us from tuning in tonight. We just hope the script will mention that some of knew the end was near when Brittany showed up in a Syfy film…

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