Kat Graham Vamps For Her 25th Birthday With Sexy Pics [PHOTOS]

It’s a big birthday for Kat Graham–who may or may not show up on The Vampire Diaries next season. We’re assuming that Kat knows what’s going on as she turns 25 years old today, but we’re very anxious to find out. Actually, we’re just as anxious to find out what’s next for Kat as she hopefully heads into more adult territory. [photo via…]
Of course, we’ve already goofed over Vampire Diaries faves like Phoebe Tonkin, Nina Dobrev, Janina Gavankar, Olga Fonda, and Madeline Zima. We’re not sure why it’s taken so long for us to go crazy over Kat–who’s already had a long career, and spent most of it billed as Katerina Graham. She stayed busy as a kiddie actor, and even her recent musical career has had Katerina showing up on Radio Disney–which is pretty amazing, when you consider how sexy Kat is looking on her artwork.
We should also note that Kat got to show off even more of her mad performing skills in 2011’s Honey 2–where she replaced Jessica Alba as the series’ brave dancer who takes on problems at a dance studio. The first Honey wasn’t that great, and the sequel was even worse, but it did have Kat Graham looking like this…
…so we’re expecting Honey 2 to make the American Film Institute’s list of preserved movies someday. Kat hasn’t had much better luck with her other recent movies (where she’s kept getting billed as Katerina Graham), but we’ll sure check her out in the upcoming erotic thriller Addicted. There’s a scene where her character visits a sex club.
We might be missing Kat on The Vampire Diaries, though. Her good-girl character was killed off last season. There’s a chance that she could return someday, since she played a witch who was last seen going through a supernatural transformation. That’s something to keep hoping for as the new television season starts–and for now, you can check out these 25 photos that’ll get you very curious about Kat’s own future…






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