Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Thursday, September 4

Know what we learned via our Instagram feed today? Niki Connor likes Iron Maiden! Which is a real coincidence because we like Iron Maiden, too, and we were thinking that maybe Niki Connor would like to stop by sometime and listen to our collection of reissued Iron Maiden LPs when they all get released in November. We’ve already pre-ordered the entire set, and also got some of the 7″ reissues, so that’ll be cool to get together and listen to them, and the records all come out just two days before Thanksgiving, so Niki can stay around for dinner.

Also, we’ve learned that Labor Day doesn’t keep bikini models like Jessica Harbour and Mimi Elashiry from hitting the beach. Sarai Rollins is staying warmer in a one-piece, but it’s still one piece that’s very revealing. We guess the desert is still plenty hot, too, since Magdalena Wosinska doesn’t need a shirt while she’s out on her motorcycle.

Also, we learned that Niki Connor likes to eat breakfast in bed while not wearing clothes. That’s why we have two pics of her in today’s collection. We don’t think you’ll mind–and there are still plenty more beautiful babes who’ve posted intimate Instagram pics that’ll get you flying into Friday…

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