Odette Annable On “Rush” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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See Her Tonight

Odette Annable on Rush

(9:00 PM EST, USA)

It seems that the See Her Tonight column is going to regularly rush to Rush for a leading lady for Thursday night. The show itself is basically House, MD out loving the nightlife, with a good/bad doctor working the glamorous side of medicating the rich and famous–which, yes, is also a lot like the USA network’s Royal Pains, but let’s not argue with a formula that works. [photo via…]

It also works to bring in beauties like Danyella Angel and Daniella Evangelista, and now we get Odette Annable returning as Dr. Rush’s ex-girlfriend Sarah. We’re still not sure if this is a recurring role, but Odette should certainly feel at home after her stint on House, MD. A lot of people discovered this striking babe back then, although others might still remember her as Odette Yustman in movies like Cloverfield (with an exploding Lizzy Caplan) and the baffling horror film The Unborn.

Odette also did a lot of episodes of the television show Brothers and Sisters, which is probably where she met evil actor Dave Annable, who married young Odette and is ultimately responsible for that name change. It didn’t work, though, Dave. We figured things out, and we’re still all excited over getting your wife back in our living room again…

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