Nina Agdal Was Dating Adam Levine A Year Ago, Still Modeling Lingerie [PICS]

Hey, remember just about a year ago when Adam Levin was dating Nina Agdal, but then it didn’t work out? Yeah, we guess he’s feeling pretty stupid now, because Nina Agdal is still out in the world modeling Leonisa Lingerie while Adam Levine is stuck trying to keep Maroon 5 going as a band, and he’s tied down to that Behati Prinsloo gal. Actually, we kind of thought that was going to go a different way. We guess Adam Levine is pretty happy.

Well, at least you can say the same for us, since Nina Agdal is busting out in these amazing new pics. There aren’t any surprises here, but plenty of Nina to enjoy in some lovely Leonisa designs–and you can always follow up with Nina in a bikini, or maybe by marveling at her finest handbras. Seriously, we think there are a few evenings where Adam Levine is probably doing the same…

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