NFL Sexy Superfan Showdown: Green Bay vs. Seattle

Sexy Superfan Showdown-2

It’s a big night for sports fans, as the NFL season launches with Thursday Night Football featuring the Green Bay Packers and reigning Super Bowl champions Seattle Seahawks–except this isn’t really the start of Thursday Night Football. Technically, that’s starting up next week. This is just some Thursday night football that doesn’t really have a name. Some outlets have even defaulted into calling it Sunday Night Football, but it’s Thursday night.

Anyway, the start of the NFL season isn’t just a big deal to sports fans. It’s a big deal to girl watchers, too. We know that football is supposed to be a manly pursuit, but there are lots of great gals who are looking to support their local teams from the stands. Now we’re taking a look at the sexy superfans of both the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. We don’t like to take sides, but you might notice that the pics below tend to favor the Seahawks when it comes to homegrown hotties over professional models. At least, that’s our call. We still know that you’ll be getting warmed up plenty when you step in to judge ref for yourself…


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