Hooters Waitresses Suit Up For Tonight’s NFL Kickoff [PICS]

We know that Hooters is just trying to get our business tonight as the NFL season launches with with the Packers and the Seagulls–but we’re already cheering over these pics of the Hooters Girl lineup getting ready for football. We’ll even go ahead and mention the Big Game Eats menu that Hooters has put together. That’s mostly because we want to get invited to the Calendar Party that’s coming up soon, but also because Hooters carries all of COED’s basic food groups.

Hooters has a special website dedicated to its winning team of waitresses, so there’s a lot of video, along with the gals training with very lucky Coach Jon Gruden, who’s probably forgotten all about that time he won Super Bowl XXXVII in his first year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Gruden’s probably set for unlimited chicken wings now. That kind of thing probably wasn’t even broached during his NFL contract negotiations.

Anyway, check out the glamorously hard-hitting ladies of Hooters, and don’t blame us if you end up eating some Hooters-style nachos, chili con queso, and Buffalo chicken wings later tonight. Actually, do blame us. Make sure Hooters gives us credit, too…

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