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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Wednesday, September 3


Not to brag, but it seems that we still have some of the most fabulous models around sending us intimate Instagram pics–like Kate Compton, who was kind enough to send us a shot of herself checking out the scene at Burning Man. We’ve actually checked out the scene at this year’sĀ Burning Man, but we didn’t know that Kate was providing this kind of beautiful desert view. We resolve to become hippies next year and bicycle until we get heat stroke.

And yet Kate isn’t the only gal who’s out in scant clothing–and we’re very impressed at the number of models who still seem to be ready to sport their bikinis even though we’re way past Labor Day. We’re okay if these gals want to strip out of all their white clothing, though. Some traditions must be maintained.

It seems that Brittany Ward is halfway there already, and Krista Ferguson looks ready to ditch that sheer white t-shirt. You’ll want to see for yourself, though, so check out these intimate Instagram moments that’ll get you heated up like an endless summer…

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Of Our Favorite Instagram Pics!

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