Stephanie Manescu on "Taxi Brooklyn" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Stephanie Manescu on Taxi Brooklyn

(10:00 PM EST, NBC)

Your humble See Her Tonight column is kind of sad to see the summer television season wrapping up. That’s mostly because we’re old enough to remember when the summer months were a real wasteland of reruns and crappy failed television pilots. It’s a lot better to have new television shows through the summer months, even if some of them are like the really dull Taxi Brooklyn–which at least has livened things up with Caterina Murino in a recurring role, and really comes through with Stephanie Manescu as a cheerleader tonight. [photo via…]
We should also note that tonight’s Taxi Brooklyn has a hot transsexual cheerleader, but that’s not Stephanie Manescu–even though Stephanie has shown up in a documentary about drag queens. She’s also shown up for the likes of the Playboy empire–although we first noticed her in an episode of Royal Pains where she played a ring girl.
We went looking to see if Stephanie was one in real life, and were happy to learn that she’s just a hot model. We wouldn’t mind seeing more of Stephanie Manescu on television, though–and even the big screen, since she’s already made it to the multiplexes with a small role in The Wolf of Wall Street. Take a look for yourself and see why we’re cheering over Stephanie getting back in our living rooms, even if it is on Taxi Brooklyn

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