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Princeton Employee Told To Give Up Medical Marijuana or Be Fired



A Princeton University employee is being forced to choose between his job or his medical marijuana treatments.

According to the Associated Press, Don DeZam received one of the ultimate ultimatums that an employee can receive from their employer: give up their medically subscribed treatment or face the unemployment line. DeZam works as the senior operations manager of campus dining for Princeton and was recently prescribed medical marijuana from his doctor to treat his inflammatory bowel diseases and post-traumatic stress disorder from the time he spent in the US Navy.

Rather than just start toking up, DeZam┬ádecided to check with his bosses first to make sure it was OK to start his treatment and the school wasn’t pleased with his doctor’s decision. They simply told him that if he started smoking marijuana and tested positive for marijuana use in a drug test, he would lose his job whether he got it from a medically approved dealer or some guy on a street corner.

DeZam is clearly on the pro-pot side of the issue since he’s also running for a state congressional seat in New Jersey’s Senate as a member of the Legalize Marijuana Party. He couldn’t be a bigger support of marijuana if he had dreadlocks and played on a semi-pro ultimate frisbee team. However, he hasn’t announced if he’ll give up smoking pot in order to save his job.

It’s a shame that any employer would dare to put him in such a position. He’s at least earned the right to toke up from┬áhis military service. We’ll take a step further. Smoking pot could actually help him do his job better. He works in campus dining and marijuana is just about the only thing that can make college cafeteria food mildly tolerable.

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