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Kate Upton Is Selling Some New Nudes For Bobbi Brown [PICS]


We’re not sure if this is brilliant timing or a big mistake, but makeup icon Bobbi Brown decided that yesterday was a great time to put up a new poster of Kate Upton selling Smokey Nudes–which, as a girl can tell you, is a reference to eye makeup that’s supposed to give a gal a sexy smoldering stare that doesn’t look like she’s wearing makeup.

We’re pretty sure that Kate Upton could give us a sexy smoldering stare while wearing enough makeup to look like Rocket Raccoon. The important thing, though, is that we get to see Kate selling ladies some Smokey Nudes even as she continues to gracefully make it through #TheFappening nude celebrity scandal–with her boyfriend Justin Verlander fielding questions about nude pics yesterday by simply noting, “I’m not going to comment on my personal life.”

That’s cool. A lot of other people are willing to comment on Kate & Justin’s personal life, instead. We’re just going to dwell on how Kate has already been plenty daring in her professional life, and that should really be enough to make anyone happy. Just take a look at the authorized Kate Upton nudes below, which include lots of outtakes from Kate’s work for GQ with Terry Richardson. And none of which feature Justin Verlander’s ass, so count your blessings…

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