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30 Sexy Pics As Paz de la Huerta Makes It To 30 [PHOTOS]


Paz de la Huerta 31

The joke’s on you if you had Paz de la Huerta in your dead pool, because the daring beauty is turning 30 years old with her career intact. That’s despite a very busy career that’s been filled with lots of controversy. We hate to spread rumors, of course, but there’s always been talk about Paz de la Huerta being one of L.A’s more troubled starlets. She’s shown up on a few red carpets looking kind of trashed, and there were plenty of different theories about why her character was quickly written out of the HBO series Boardwalk Empire.

Also, Paz got really messed up at the Golden Globes back in 2011. That didn’t look good.

Anyway, let’s not forget that Paz de la Huerta made her first big splash in The Cider House Rules back in 1999, when the former model did a really impressive job of holding her own some noted thespians. She went on to a lot of daring roles in indie films, too, so give her credit for that–along with Paz’s continued fine work for lingerie lines.

Specifically, the Agent Provocateur line, and we have some hot shots from that in the gallery below. You’ll also find some sexy stills from her wild roles in movies like Choke, Nurse 3D, and more–plus some more hot red carpet pics where she  managed to stay on her heels. We’re looking forward to more passionate Paz turns in movies like Aimy in a Cage and Death in the Desert, too, so let’s be grateful that Hollywood still has some free spirits like Paz de la Huerta. Especially since she looks like this….

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