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The LA KISS Girls on “4th and Loud” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Them Tonight

The LA KISS Girls on 4th and Loud

(10:00 PM EST, AMC)

Sometimes your See Her Tonight column can’t settle on just one girl–although we can’t think of another example than when the Pacitto Twins showed up on Suburgatory. That was pretty memorable. Anyway, we’re rocking out tonight over the LA KISS Girls, who are a big part of the AMC reality show 4th and Loud.

We’re not surprised to see these ladies on television, either, since Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley sure weren’t going to stock their personal football team with generic NFL cheerleaders. (Disclaimer: there is no such thing as generic NFL cheerleaders.) The ladies of the LA KISS team are a rockin’ squad with plenty of personality, and we wouldn’t mind a series that’s just dedicated to them.

We have to assume that savvy businessmen like Gene and Paul already have that in the works. That’s fine with us, and we’re happy to promote these ladies however we can. Tune in to them tonight, and also discover that 4th and Loud is pretty impressive as a sports series, too. Also, we need everyone tuning in if we’re going to get that spinoff..

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