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CeeLo Spent Labor Day Weekend Personifying Rape Culture On Twitter


We’re suspicious of all this talk of Rape Culture, but also try to be respectful of everybody’s rightful concerns–but, damn, CeeLo Green pretty much spent this weekend as the leading Face of Rape Culture. Even more baffling, the guy was showing off his weird rape insights on Twitter while celebrating his recent probation on charges of sexual assault. More specifically, he had beaten jail time after pleading no contest to a charge of secretly drugging a woman who later regained consciousness while in bed with the pop star.

That incident was back in 2012, and the court ruled on August 29th that CeeLo would be serving three years probation and doing 360 hours of community service. CeeLo decided that was a good time to start explaining to the world how all this proved that he was really innocent. Things went from weird to disturbing with these two Twitterings….

CeeLo Rape Tweet 1

A lot of people pointed out to CeeLo that it’s not cool to come off a rape charge while comparing a woman to property–and you don’t plead no contest before lecturing your fans about how nobody can prove that you committed rape. That second Twitter, however is the really disturbing part. CeeLo isn’t the most literate Twitter personality out there, but the guy really seems to be trying to explain that any woman who’s rendered unconscious in the presence of a man is consenting to sex.

This one Twitterer tried to explain to CeeLo that a woman can’t really give consent if she’s in no condition to remember giving consent…

To which CeeLo replied…

“But point taken,” says CeeLo–ignoring that he was on trial for giving a woman a drug that specifically rendered her unable to remember the events that landed her in bed with CeeLo Green.

That’s some scary circular logic from a guy who sure hasn’t learned his lesson. By the weekend, though, it seems that CeeLo’s publicist had stepped in to handle things. CeeLo deleted all of his creepy Tweets, and issued this rambling apology. Actually, the big finish probably isn’t the work of a publicist. At least, not a particularly good one…

And there you have it. CeeLo told us that an unconscious woman is inherently offering sexual consent, and a woman can’t really be raped if she can’t remember the crime happening–but he’s really sorry for his “comments being taken so far out of context.” You know, by the people quoting his Tweets accurately. Oh, well. At least CeeLo has made a lot of feminists happy by confirming their worst fears about how some men regard women. Thanks, CeeLo.

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