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Bikini Coffee Stand Busted For Prostitution Ring



Apparently bikini coffee shops run rampant in Seattle these days. That’s the norm– the (not-so) shocking part is that one of these stands was busted for running a multimillion dollar prostitution ring. I just can’t help but wonder where they kept all of the money…

These bikini coffee stands are famous for serving up morning brews instead of booze, courtesy of baristas in bikinis. They’re supposed to be a place to grab your coffee, Hooters style… but apparently 52-year-old Carmela Panico was catering to needs that weren’t only caffeine based. Panico was the madam of multiple stands–like Java Juggs--and her ladies were offering customers much more than coffee. There were (s)e(x)spressos, lattes, and sex acts for sale. Way back in 2011, Java Juggs was in big trouble for turning the little hut into a strip club, letting customers pay to play. They set up a stripper pool, and the coffeehouse turned into a strip club. (An undercover cop shot some nice video, too.)

After only three years, Panico made more than $2 million from her dirty dealings. This drive-thru brothel would make as much as $30,000 a month, and it wasn’t all from overpriced lattes. Java Juggs would be the perfect addition on college campuses. You get your caffeine, and then you get a quick cathouse visit. Two birds, one stone. In fact, who needs college at all when you could be a barista instead, raking in the big bucks?

Now that this case has been taken to court, it looks like Panico only liked to hire baristas who used to be dancers and/or escorts, just like her. No hipster college students covered in tattoos for her classy establishments. The girls were then fired if they didn’t look the part, which included regular tanning sessions and not wearing boots in the winter (in Washington). Panico is now claiming that she’s out of the business forever, but only time will tell. She’s set to appear in court next week (it’s unclear if she’ll be in a bathing suit).

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