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Kimberly Fox on “Partners” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Kimberly Fox on Partners

(9:30 PM EST, FX)

You know that your See Her Tonight column has a thing for sexy stuntwomen, but we didn’t expect to see one showing up on the FX sitcom Partners–which really hasn’t gotten much attention as a small-screen outlet for Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence. We certainly weren’t expecting much action from a sitcom plot about the two law partners making a television commercial. Suddenly, however, we’re expecting a lot of action with the addition of Kimberly Fox in a guest role. [photo via…]

Kimberly Fox joins the likes of sexy stuntwomen like Elena SanchezSarah Molasky, Vanessa Vander Pluym, London Elise Moore, and other members of our Dream Expendabelles Cast. Actually, Kimberly Fox isn’t getting nearly enough attention as a kick-ass beauty who’s capable of kicking…um, butt.

We probably first saw her as a cheerleader in the 2002 comedy The Hot Chick, alongside Anna Faris and Rachel McAdams. She’s been working steadily ever since, but Kimberly deserves a lot more attention–and we’re very excited to see her actually moving into stunt work in the official version of the old vampire web series The Hunted, where she’s working with fellow tough galMonique Ganderton. But let’s start by checking out the pics below, which’ll get you tuning in for Kimberly on a more civilized setting tonight…

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