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All You Need To Know About #TheFappening Nude Celeb Photo Leaks [PICS]


There’s never been a bigger buzz in the world of nude celebrities than the Great iCloud Heist that’s currently making headlines–although we prefer the internet-friendly term #TheFappening to cover  this cosmic convergence of naked stars. But here’s the deal, folks: We’re talking about an internet phenomenon, which means that the nude celebrity pics have already been pretty much polluted by plenty of fakes. Also, we’re thinking that a lot of people are about to get their happy lives polluted when they learn about the finer legalities of pics running rampant on the internet.

The main thing we’re trying to cover here is how the #Fappening now has to be served with major doses of salt, since we’re already seeing long-discredited fake nudes of starlets like Selena Gomez now getting included in downloads. This is an ever-changing story, of course, but here’s where we are now with the whole Fappening craziness (and feel free to click through on any celebrity’s name for hot pics that you can enjoy with a clear conscience)…


Only one actress has stepped up so far to confirm that the released nude pics are actually real photos–but Mary Elizabeth Winstead wants you to feel bad about it…

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Twitter

…and the lady has a point. Besides, there are plenty of hot pics and poses that Mary Elizabeth Winstead has provided over the years. We’d like to show some respect for that.

Plausible Deniability…

Krysten Ritter‘s sole face pic is a strategically-covered topless selfie–and the other shots are faceless (so far), so she’s in good shape at denying the whole thing. McKayla Maroney can easily claim to be underage in the not-really-nude pics out there, so nobody should go near those. Besides, there’s one really obvious fake McKayla pic that’s started to make the rounds. Ariana Grande is really fortunate. Her alleged nude pics were part of the initial #Fappening release, and those pictured plenty of clearly fake photos. She can pretty much claim that anything out there is a fraud. Yvonne Strahovski and Jennette McCurdy are also in the clear, since their allegedly nude leaked pics don’t offer much of an actual look at the stars.

Kind of Plausible Deniality…

There’s at least one Jennifer Lawrence pic out there that looks plainly fake–but there are plenty of others that look really legit. Same goes with Kaley Cuoco. For that matter, the latest slew of Kate Upton pics that have come along now feature plenty of shots of a woman who clearly has tattoos where Kate Upton does not have tattoos. We mean, in places that have not only been seen by the likes of Justin Verlander. So while some pics (like the now-notorious pic of Kate and Justin together in the mirror) are looking to be very legit, there are now plenty more that Kate can clearly deny. (Her lawyer’s recent statement still seems good for more confirmation, though.) Victoria Justice is actually looking more questionable in her own claims about some pics being faked, since all of the additional photos are making a good case for the pics being legit.

Yeah, Looking Like Stolen Nudes…


We’re going to concede that ladies like Kristen Dunst and Jennifer Lawrence and many more on a rapidly growing list seem to have really had their nude pics stolen–but let’s put the emphasis on stolen. As in, anybody downloading those pics are in possession of stolen merchandise. We obviously have high editorial standards here at COED, but we also speak with some authority when we tell you that plenty of celebrities were protected back in the olden days (like the 1990s) because nude photos were stolen from their homes. The law isn’t so vague that an illegal download of a personal pic isn’t also stolen.

Just ask the hacker who’s doing a prison sentence for internet antics that included nude pics of Scarlett Johansson. It also looks like we already have a brand-new idiot who’s getting busted over #TheFappening, already–although we’re still learning the extent of his involvement. Yes, we know that a pic can be passed around often enough on the internet for ownership to quickly become meaningless. There’s still a good reason (besides human decency) that any responsible publication isn’t going to be claiming possession of these leaked pics.

Anyway, it’s probably best to get all hipster and accept that the #Fappening was cool when it began, but it’s not so cool to be into the #Fappening now–and, really, there were always some fakes involved in the scene from the start. In that sense, the #Fappening is just like rap or punk rock. The people at iCloud are still in a lot of trouble, though.

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