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Veronica Mannion on “Masters of Sex” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Veronica Mannion on Masters of Sex

(10:00 PM EST, Showtime)

It’s an offbeat treat for the See Her Tonight column on tonight’s episode of Masters of Sex–since the show about pioneering sex researchers never really takes advantage of its 1960s setting. This drama could be like the Mad Men of sexy gals stripping out of period outfits, but has instead chosen to be kind of prim–but we do get unexpected sex symbols like leading lady Lizzy Caplan, plus guest like Kristina Zbinden, Grasie Mercedes, and now Veronica Mannion.

Veronica Mannion might seem a little offbeat as a sex symbol, but she’s got a built bod that matches her sharp tongue. In fact, Veronica Mannion has built a real reputation as one of San Francisco’s brightest talents, and we’re not surprised to see her busting out of her home city and into some national projects. Veronica first caught our attention in 2011 as a doomed sex blogger in a wild episode of Spike TV’s 1000 Ways to Die, and then she pretty much concentrated on her one-woman musical “Booze, Boys & Brownies”  while working on small projects.

Masters of Sex is pretty much Veronica’s first big showcase, and we’re hoping that it leads to big things for her. We’d sure prefer Veronica to Lena Dunham as high-fashion’s idea of a sexy babe with curves–and these pics will get you ready to tune in for some alt-beauty who’ll hopefully provide a jolt to Masters of Sex‘s sleepy story lines this season…

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