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20 Topless Kate Upton Pics That Didn’t Get Leaked Anywhere [PHOTOS]


We know that the internet is all abuzz over leaked nude photos of Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence, and we certainly understand the urge to ogle pictures of naked celebrities that aren’t supposed  to be seen by us mere mortals. But we’re also technically gentlemen here at COED, and we aren’t going to hop on some exploitive bandwagon and post the private nude pics of some of our favorite ladies.

At least not as long as we can continue to deceive ourselves that we have some kind of shot at impressing them with our chivalry. Also, we think that Kate Upton has posed topless often enough that we don’t need to see her with her hairy boyfriend Justin Verlander–who just earned his own very special kind of fame that goes beyond being a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers.

So check out these Kate Upton topless pics that are the kind of photos that Kate wants to share with the world–and then check out some Kate Upton GIFs, and maybe some Jennifer Lawrence GIFS, too, and maybe some official topless Jennifer Lawrence pics, too, if you can’t use your imagination enough to get an idea of what Jennifer looks like naked when she’s running around as Mystique in the X-Men movies.

We were sure able to use our imagination, even if it did cause some eyestrain. And what about Victoria Justice, who also had some (probably fake) nude pics exposed by some cad? Yeah, we got some fine Victoria shots, too, and don’t creep on McKayla Maroney, since she’s been really generous with getting sexy on Instagram–but let’s concentrate on Kate for now…

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