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Woman Who Won The Week: Angelina Jolie (But We’re Going Retro) [PICS]


Veteran fans of our Woman Who Won The Week series might be asking, “Didn’t you just have Angelina Jolie winning the week back in June?” And they are correct, but that was the Angelina Jolie who won the summer box office with Maleficent. Now we’re celebrating the Angelina Jolie who took over the news by getting married to longtime partner Brad Pitt while talk of the movie star’s directorial debut starts brewing with the film festival season. [photo via..]

We still won’t pretend that we’re happy that Brad Pitt stole our once-true love. Frankly, we would’ve been more excited about Angelina Jolie announcing her big break-up with the guy. And that’s why we’re not posting wedding pics here. Nope, we’re looking back at the Angelina Jolie of the ’90s, who scandalized the movie scene with her daring presence, proud bisexuality, and tendency to take on bizarre roles.

That’s when plenty of guys fell in love with Angelina, although Brad Pitt was interested more in Jennifer Aniston. We won’t argue with his tastes back then, but let’s still take a rockin’ retro look back at Angelina before she’d ever even met the guy on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith back in 2005. Actually, we’d bet that Brad had already taken a look at some of these pics…

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