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Miley Cyrus Keeps Teasing Her V Magazine Layout [PICS]


Miley Cyrus made a big impression with this past weekend’s MTV Awards. She could’ve celebrated a year of wild twerking, but instead avoided the spotlight and sent out a clean-cut homeless teen (from a wealthy family) to give a speech after she won an award. The good news is that Miley isn’t giving up her wild ways. She’s got a big layout coming out in the next issue of V Magazine, and it’s looking to be pretty daring.

Of course, the folks at V have gotten us excited over previous layouts with the likes of Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Leah Michele. Now they seem to be getting the best out of Miley for the upcoming Rebel Issue coming out next week. A few pics have leaked over the past few hours, and they seem as enticing as the cover that was promoted earlier in the week.

Of course, we’ve gotten excited over Miley’s sexy concert shots, and we’ve put together hot Miley GIFs, but it’s nice to see that Miley can still get us anticipating something from her that isn’t new music. Take a look at these sneak peeks, and we think you’ll be inspired to check those other links..

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