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Wastern Got Wasted at the WMU #WelcomeWeek Red Bull Pool Party [PHOTOS / VIDEO]



So there was a quiet little gathering at Western Michigan University to celebrate the start of the school year. It was part of the annual #WelcomeWeek gatherings, but it seems that most of the students really welcomed the Red Bull Pool Party–and they also welcomed the idea of bringing the Wastern Spirit back to WMU. In fact, the epic partying kind of looked like this…

Of course, you’re not going to get the Western Michigan spirit from a few seconds of video. There’s a reason that Western Michigan University is known as “Wastern”–and ranks right up with COED’s 20 Most Underrated Party Schools. It looks like we’ll be enjoying another year full of amazing antics from the students, too.

We’d also like to invest in local WMU bars like the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange, Waldo’s, University Roadhouse,  The Grotto, Y-Bar, Shakespeare’s Pub, Wayside West, Monaco Bay, Wild Bull, and The Union. That’s partly because these students look ready to keep rocking into the night, and also because the ladies of Wastern are looking pretty wonderful. Take a look for yourself, and start wondering why you aren’t at WMU, too…

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