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Prosecutor Sends Inmate With “Criminal” Tattoo A Bikini Picture



In news that looks like it’s straight out of The Onion, two star-crossed lovers are facing strife in Spokane. There was (allegedly) an inappropriate relationship between a bodybuilding prosecutor and an inmate who has the word “CRIMINAL” literally tattooed across his forehead. Marriya Wright had a textual relationship with Matthew Baumrucker, who’s currently a resident of the Spokane County Jail, going as far as to send him a bikini picture (at least it wasn’t a nude?). I can only assume the bikini picture in question looked a little like this picture of Marriya.


Unsurprisingly, Baumrucker has multiple felony convictions, and was most recently facing drug and assault charges (NBD). The police are currently investigating their relationship, and could even charge her with assisting a criminal (which she should’ve known, since she is a prosecutor). According to the search warrant, the cute couple corresponded 1,280 times between February 6 and March 5th. Sounds like true love to me. They have the kind of “meet cute” you want to tell the grand kids about.

Police discovered their text affair when they were investigating the criminal for an assault in March, when he called his girl Marriya for some advice. Marriya told him she didn’t have to let the police in to search his apartment unless he had a warrant. The po-po can’t know for sure how intense their relaysh was, because it’s difficult to go Facebook official with someone who’s imprisoned, unfortunately. When the police came, Baumrucker had already left to meet up with Wright at a nearby gas station (that’s where the magic happens). A witness overheard the lovebirds, and there was absolutely no mention that Baumrucker should turn himself in.

Apparently, Wright visited Baumrucker in prison several times (10 times in one month) using the attorney-client booth. While she wasn’t assigned to his case, no one questioned their meetings until a corrections officer noticed that, “Baumrucker does not appear to be posturing himself as he would when discussing legal issues.” How was he posturing? I can only hope that Baumrucker oiled up his Criminal tattoo and started macking hard on the young prosecutor. The same corrections officer said he’d never seen another inmate “in possession of a prosecuting attorneys photograph in a bikini” before, which seemed fishy to that super sleuth.

While state charges against Baumrucker were dropped on August 15th, he isn’t out of the jailhouse quite yet. He was caught with a firearm, which is frowned upon for felons. Marriya, on the other hand, is currently on paid leave. In the past, Baumrucker has served hard time for robbery, assault and domestic violence, so the question remains — why do the good girls always like the bad boys?

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