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Emma on “WWE SmackDown” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Emma on WWE SmackDown

(8:00 PM EST, Syfy)

It’s not unusual for you See Her Tonight column to check out the hot wrestling babes of WWE SmackDown on a Friday night–but we’re a little surprised to see the awesome Aussie known as Emma as one of tonight’s brawling babes. Emma’s been keeping a low profile this summer after starting the season by getting arrested for shoplifting at Walmart. [photo via…]

That’s okay, though, since SmackDown has already smacked us down with the lethal likes of Michelle McCoolLaylaCameronLayla El, KaitlynEva MarieTrish Stratus, and The Bella Twins. And tonight’s SmackDown has Emma going up against Paige for what should be a brilliant brawl. It sure inspired us to put together an entire new gallery of sexy Emma pics–but you might also want check out the hot Emma shots we assembled after she was arrested back at the start of July.

Not that we’d ever bring that up to Emma. As we said at the time, she’s Australian and probably used to an entirely different kind of shopping than we do here in America.And you can check out these pics to see that Emma’s way too beautiful to be any kind of a heel…

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