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ASU Bros Get In Two “F*ck Her Right In The Pu**y” On Live TV [VIDEO]



When Alex Baldwin of Channel 3 was sent down to Sun Devils stadium to cover the schools banishment of drinks from the tailgate, it’s a good bet that he was prepared for some ruckus.  The issue is that he wasn’t prepared enough because not one, but two different people broke onto his live report and screamed “F*ck her right in the pu**y.”

The funniest part about this is that these two ASU bros look exactly like the kind of person I could guess would do this. Headbands, short, probably drinking for the first time, and wearing the ever-fashionable hat/towel combination. Hey, it gets hot. We get it.

Can we all just appreciate the look of defeat on Mr. Baldwin’s face right now? If he was anything like his brother, Alec, he would have duffed headband bro in the face like we were all hoping for.

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