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11 Ways To Prepare For The Return Of “The League”


11 Ways To Prepare For The Return Of %22The League%22

Are you preparing mentally and physically for the return of The League? If you’re not familiar with this obscenely ridiculous show, it’s about a bunch of douchebags (and I say that in the nicest possible way) that play fantasy football. Spoiler alert: hijinks and hilarity ensue. You’ve met all of these guys IRL– or you are one of them. Whether you’re your league’s commissioner or have 0 interest in fantasy, this FXX raunch fest is unreal. It’s basically a fantasy show about playing fantasy football (unfortunately, your league probably won’t get to visit the Cowboys training camp anytime soon).

Season 6 is back on September 3rd at 10 PM, and here’s to hoping that Andre finally gets the respect he deserves. Here are 11 ways to prepare for its glorious return.


1. Have yourself an epic Shiva blast


2. Get your vision checked to make sure you can see the screen


3. Plant a guest bong


4. Hire an au pair so your kids don’t bother you while you’re watching


5. Terrorize the neighborhood dressed as Mr. McGibblets


6. Learn a new skill (everyone loves a flautist)


7. Go shopping


8. Learn to dance


9. Invite your friends over for a casual crawfish boil


10. Provide cocktails–and make sure to coat the rim


11. Invite your Eskimo brothers over to watch with you

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