The “Friends” Coffee Shop Is Really Opening In NYC


Can you believe that Friends premiered 20 years ago? To celebrate feeling ancient, you need to plan a trip to the real life Central Perk that’s opening in New York City. Warner Bros. and Eight O’Clock Coffee  are teaming up to bring you the coffee the Friends cast was drinking IRL. (Real talk: if you think about all the coffee they consumed, there’s no way they would’ve been able to afford that epic apartment.)

Starting September 17th, they’re going to be serving up free coffee for the month. Book a flight and prepare to wait in cronut-worthy lines–only maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of Jennifer Aniston to make it worth your while. You’ll find the pop-up shop at 199 Lafayette Street (at the corner of Broome) in SoHo. You can pose with the iconic orange couch (prepare for a selfie takeover), take a peek at the O.G. chalkboard, and win prizes. (I’m only down if one is the Thanksgiving trifle).

In staying with the Throwback Thursday theme, James Michael Tyler (better known as the barista Gunther) will also be making appearances. If you thought the rest of the cast was faced with careers that have gone down the toilet, it’s nothing compared to the re-appearance of Gunther. He wasn’t included in the show, or in their celebrity. There are also going to be weekly performances of iconic songs like “Smelly Cat,” but something tells me they won’t be performed by Phoebe Buffay…

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