Official University Planner Has Picture of Wrong School on Its Cover

Washington State University officials owe the entire student body an explanation for why a picture of a building from the University of Washington ended up on the cover of its official student planner.
According to the Huffington Post’s College section, WSU’s cleverly named bookstore called The Bookie (probably because having to buy textbooks these days makes you feel like someone’s taking you for a ride) releases an annual campus planner for students that includes several photos of the school’s campus. This year, however, the designer picked a photo of a building that isn’t on WSU’s campus. It actually belongs on UW’s campus. The Twitter account for Munchy’s Hot Dogs, a restaurant located near the bookstore, noticed the mistake and published a Tweet of the campus planner’s cover on their account with the offending picture circled in red…

University officials explained that the person who designed the cover accidentally got the two university mixed up and mistakenly put a picture of the wrong building on their school’s student planner. Some teachers on campus said they didn’t believe the mixup was a “huge deal.”
Oh, really? Not a huge deal? That’s only because you don’t have to use the “student” planner. Imagine how big of an idiot you’d look if a picture of the “faculty” planner had a giant picture of the University of Texas tower on the cover. It almost looks like you’re wishing you could have gone to another school.

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