Josh Gordon Could Smoke Weed And Play Football In Canada, But He Can’t

josh gordon

Wide receiver Josh Gordon may not be able to suit up this season with the Cleveland Browns because of his inability to pass a drug test but the temporarily unemployed athlete was looking at the possibility of playing in the Canadian leagues. Now it seems that’s no longer an option.

Gordon lost his appeal to overturn a season-long suspension for testing positive for marijuana use and some inside sources indicated that Gordon was poking around the Canadian Football League to see if they needed an all-star wide receiver on one of their teams. Unfortunately, another source said that Gordon’s contract with the Browns prevents him from playing football for anyone except the National Football League even if he’s been suspended for an entire season.

A Canadian Football League official also said that they would not be able to sign Gordon to a season-long contract because their league’s rules forbid coaches from hiring players who have been suspended from any other sports league as long as they are still under a contract with them.

It’s a shame because Gordon would have no problem fitting in with the Canadian Football League. They not only offer the same, hard hitting game that he’s played since college but (here’s the best part) they don’t drug test their players. A profile published by the Wall Street Journal in 2010 wrote that the league not only doesn’t care about marijuana use among players but the players actually talk openly about their marijuana smoking habits without fear of punishment or suspension. Oh Canada, never stop being you.

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