Daniella Evangelista on “Rush” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Daniella Evangelista on Rush

(9:00 PM EST, USA)

We’re not sure if the See Her Tonight column owes everyone an apology or not, because tonight’s episode of Rush is called “Because I Got High,” and yet we’re pretty sure that we were really sober when we wrote a few weeks back about the angelic Danyella Angel being in the episode that’s really airing tonight. But we’re not going to worry about that–partly because we’re high, and also because that just means we get a perfect pairing of double D’s with the dazzling Daniella Evangelista also on the show.  [photo via…]

Like plenty of beauties out of British Columbia, Danilla Evangelista first caught our eye while starring in lots of cheap genre product being shot over the border. We must’ve first caught her on the big screen way back in 1998, when she made a quick appearance in the high-school horror movie Disturbing Behavior. We definitely remember Daniella running around in lingerie in The Mangler 2 back in 2002, plus an appearance on Stargate SG-1.

Then we had to forgive Daniella’s work in a Nickelback video because she showed up in an episode of The L Word, and then joined the parade of Canadian beauties who helped to make Supernatural super (along with gals likeTracy Spiridakos, Rebecca MarshallFarrah Aviva, Kacey Rohl, Amanda TappingLaura MennellAli Liebert, Alaina HuffmanLiane Balaban, and Kacey Rohl).

We’re also looking forward to Daniella in the upcoming Wild Things in Europe 3D, where her pair will be paired with the luscious Luisana Lopilato. That doesn’t mean that we just love Daniella for her body, though. She’s a smart actress who’s able to play both glamorous gals and tough alien-killers. We can’t guess what kind of look Daniella will be working to play a groupie on Rush, but she sure knows plenty about clubs as a hot (in every sense) deejay–and these pics will convince you to rush to tune her in tonight…

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