Alessandra Ambrosio Rocks Short Shorts & Less For Brazil Vogue [PICS]

We never get let down by the Brazilian edition of Vogue (or Vogue Brasil as our international readers would say), and they’ve got some candy-colored greatness happening with Alessandra Ambrosio. We sure feel like there’s a carnival going on somewhere as we check out the veteran Victoria’s Secret model showing off all kinds of wild apparel. [photo via..]

We could do without Alessandra Ambrosio hanging out with kiddies, since we prefer to think of her hanging out with us in Brazil–but that’s okay. These are still some very sexy shots. They’re also in the Brazilian Vogue tradition of shoots with the likes of Candice Swanepoel, Rihanna, and Irina Shayk.

And we sure have more of Alessandra if you need it–including her hottest handbras and more sexy pics. But get started with this amazing shoot that’ll get you rocking for Rio (or wherever)…

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