Marloes Horst Gets Very Free For Free People Intimates [PICS]

It’s been way too long since we’ve seen Marloes Horst modeling some intimate apparel, and she’s sure getting free-spirited for the Free People Intimates line. Also, it seems that the fashion police have passed some kind of law regarding Marloes Horst’s unfairly beautiful bod. This daring Dutch beauty outclasses a lot of the competition, and so she’s been given a handicap in these pics.
Fortunately, that doesn’t mean that Marloes has been forced to fix the most beguiling front teeth in the industry. Instead, she’s forced to wear curlers in a few of these shots. Yeah, everybody knows how terrible women look when they got out in curlers. We saw this woman crossing Delancey the other day, and she looked terrible. Of course, she wasn’t Marloes Horst. As it turns out, it’s going to take a lot more than curlers for this beauty to look any less striking.
Marloes also has a lot to work with, courtesy of Free People working up some amazing designs that are both classic and innovative. Marloes is the perfect model to bare her bod in a very modern way while rocking her retro look. Take a look for yourself–and then get more intimate with Marloes by enjoying 155 more Marloes pics

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