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Ksenia Lauren on Legends

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Is it still funny for the See Her Tonight column to make jokes about how Sean Bean isn’t dead yet on the Legends television series? Oh, that’s right. It was never funny. Besides, we’d rather take Legends really seriously. The first episode already got us goofing over Melorine Adler. And who do we spy in another quick moment as a hot hostess? Say hello to Ksenia Lauren, folks.  [photo via…]
That’s just one of the many good reasons to leer at tonight’s Legends. We’re enjoying the espionage, but we’re also excited over how tonight’s episode has awesome Amber Valetta in a major role–and also Andra Petru in a quick cameo. That won’t keep Ksenia Lauren from standing out amongst the cast, even though the show could be making a lot better use of this beauty. She’s a Russian beauty, after all, and should really be busy killing Sean Bean.
Ksenia really slayed us with a quick appearance on the show Body of Proof back in 2013, and she also caught our eye on the underrated Snake and Mongoose racing drama from 2013. Ksenia has also stayed busy modeling for the likes of Elle and Vogue. Check out these pics to see why Ksenia can probably stay busy on that side of the camera–but they’ll also get you tuning in tonight to see some real star power…

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