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Genevieve Morton, Xenia Deli, And More Bikini Models Get Happy [VIDEO]


Genevieve Morton World Swimsuit Video 1

If you’re like us, you’re really sick of hearing Pharrell Williams doing “Happy,” and there’s nothing that could get us listening to it again–except for Genevieve Morton dancing around in a bikini to “Happy,” which gets us very happy in at least five specific ways. We will not go into that, but we will note that we get even happier with the addition of Xenia Deli dancing around, and even more models who first popped up in this Vine video…

But you’ll need to see more than that, of course. Especially if you noticed that Genevieve Morton and Xenia Deli are on the beach with babes like Zoe Cross, Sarah Stephens Xenia Deli, Nicole Meyer, Derryn Lester and Bianca Koyabe–who are all at the Paradise Sun Resort at Praslin, Seychelles for World Swimsuit magazine. But, of course, we’re really fond of Genevieve Morton (who’s already had a sexy summer vacation) and Xenia Deli (who also recently modeled lingerie here.)

They get even happier about that in this full video.We are not happy to not be at the Paradise Sun Resort, and couldn’t even find the place on a map. We can, however, find this video to be really captivating. Check it out, and keep an eye on the World Swimsuit Youtube channel for more–if your eyes don’t bug right out from this fine video…

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