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Alexandria Morgan Bikes In Hot Pants And Makes Us Miss Summer [VIDEO]



We know that a girl like Alexandria Morgan is very popular and will spend the coming months in tropical climes modeling bikinis–but we still need to cherish this footage that she released today of herself bicycling in Central Park. After all, Alexandria Morgan is the kind of tourist attraction that brings people to New York City. We like to think that we’ll grow old in NYC and someday see a bikini model like Alexandria bicycling in hot pants, and then we’ll clutch our chests and die happy.

Actually, we’re already clutching our chests over this hot footage. We sure hope you enjoyed today’s fun posts here at COED, because we could’ve been in Central Park with Alexandria. Or at least running behind her while she blew a kiss to some lucky person with a video camera. Enjoy the view, and then maybe check out more scenes from Alexandria’s summer–like her time on the soccer field, or her slo-mo bikini video on the beach, or maybe even Alexandria’s┬ábanned sports commercial

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