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This New ASU Apartment Complex Is Amazing [PHOTOS]



Want to feel absolutely awful about your disgusting dorm room? You have to see these pictures of The District on Apache, an obscenely cool new apartment complex in Tempe. My adult apartment isn’t as nice as this off-campus housing. Even worse, my freshman dorm consistently had people going to the bathroom in the hallway and stairwells. There was usually vomit on 90% of the bathroom surfaces. If you go to ASU, you’re living a luxe life that’s unheard of for most undergrads.

This gorgeous apartment complex is right off campus, and it will house hundreds of students. It has a two-story gym, a shuffle board table, and even a virtual golf course.

Best of all? The pool is a lazy river. No need to go to a water park (or to class, honestly), when you basically live in the college equivalent of Disney World. BRB, moving to Arizona immediately.

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