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Thalia Turns 42 As Mexico’s Most ‘Mazing Import [PICS]


We know that America’s been celebrating lots of local product with the MTV Music Video Awards and the Emmys, but let’s take some to celebrate Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda–who was born unto this world in Mexico City on August 26th back in 1971. Today, of course, she’s simply known as Thalia. Also, we know her as the sexy Latina who replaced Mariah Carey as Tommy Mottola’s trophy wife back in 2000. [photo via…]

We guess Thalia never really replaced Mariah Carey as a force for record sales, but that’s okay. Thalia has sure surpassed Mariah at becoming an actress/singer/icon. Thalia is a huge hit on the charts and on televisions that tune in to Thalia as a telenovela star. She’s spent 25 years at the top of the Latin pop scene, and that market has only kept growing over the world.

We sure can’t help but notice Thalia, and these pics will give you a good reason to expand your pop horizons . Get to know a gal who’s even looking great in very recent photos–and then you might want to check out Mexican sportscaster Ines Sainz, or maybe Mexico’s sexiest models….

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