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A Texas Brewery is Selling a 99-Pack of Beer, No, Really… [VIDEO]


austin beerworks 99 pack

The beer industry may have found all sorts of new and interesting ways to keep our brews cold and streamline the pouring process but none have really been able to fully quench our thirst. Sure they’ve released extra large cans and six and 12-packs but they always leave us wanting more, especially if our drinking buddies are with us. An Austin brewery may have found a solution to that problem.

Austin Beerworks in Austin, Texas announced that they are actually selling the world’s first 99-beer pack. It sells for $99 per pack and comes with 99 cold cans of their signature brew called the Anytime Ale. The new pack comes in an extra large pack that requires two sober friends to carry it and a vehicle long enough to deliverĀ it without violating highway cargo transport laws. The pack will be available in some stores and you’ll have to follow their Facebook page to figure out how you and your friends can get your hands on the new 99-pack. Naturally, they are going to have to make some arrangements with some stores to carry the new pack since it takes up quite a bit of spaceĀ in the freezer just to store the dang thing. The Austin brewery introduced the new 99-pack in a video just to assure their thirsty public that it’s real and not some sick, early April Fools’ joke…

This is a genius idea. Imagine being able to sing “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” and finally having enough beer to keep up with the song.

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