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“Saved By The Bell: The Gory Death Years” [VIDEO]


Saved By The Bell Final Destination

We did some celebrating of fun celebrity cameos for last week’s celebration of the 25th anniversary of Saved By the Bell–but you’ll be hearing even more about the classic show as we head into the Labor Day weekend and the Lifetime network’s sleazy biopic about the cast. So let’s take the time to remember a more innocent-but-sleazy moment in Saved By the Bell history. Specifically, that time when the coolest cast member of Final Destination 5 got his new friends to join in a gory video celebrating sudden death in a sitcom setting.

The song is “New Romance,” and the genius behind it is Miles Fisher. He’s probably best known for a Tom Cruise impersonation in the superhero spoof Superhero Movie. Fisher is a man with a vision, though, and we’ll never understand why this video didn’t become a bigger deal. Miles even got David Koechner to play along, and that guy was the biggest name in Final Destination 5.

Sadly, we’re not seeing Chasty Ballesteros here. Remember her as the hot girl working at the spa? Yeah. Check that link–but first, enjoy this fun celebration of ’80s pop and old-fashioned teenage death scenes, and keep up with Miles at his Youtube channel

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