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Minor League Baseball Team Having Radical 90s Night



This Wednesday, the Brooklyn Cyclones are hosting the ultimate early Throwback Thursday celebration with The ’90s Are All That Night. Literally everyone alive (and by that I mean anyone who came of age in the ’90s) should be down for this epic extravaganza. For just $10 you can go to the game… but for $25, you’ll receive a field box seat, a Nickelodeon t-shirt, stunner shades, a headband, and admission to the pre-taping of Double Dare LIVE! You have to be 18 or older to compete in Double Dare, so I can only hope it’s going to be a risque version of our ’90s kid’s dreams. For just $25 you can be the proud owner of the best Halloween costume in New York City months early.

Kel Mitchell, of orange soda and All That and Kenan and Kel fame, will throw out the first pitch. Honestly, I’m shocked that Kel’s still alive and kicking, but I’d love the opportunity to share an orange soda and a Good Burger with such a 90s icon. Best news yet? If you attend the pre-taping, you could be selected at random to compete… and be slimed. If you’re in the market for a new Facebook profile picture, Angela Pickles, Tommy Pickles, and Chuckie Finster of Rugrats notoriety will be on hand for the best selfie opportunities. There’s also going to be a photo booth with props, including the incredibly exclusive Aggro Crag trophy from Guts. Finally, in making this a complete and total time machine trip, every single concession stand employee will be rocking a Good Burger hat for the evening.

The players will be wearing Double Dare themed jerseys covered in slime already. Said jerseys will also be raffled off at the end of the game, with proceeds benefiting ALSA. If you still haven’t completed your Ice Bucket Challenge, just donate by buying a jersey, and then by covering your body in slime completely.

Not convinced yet? Prizes will be given away throughout the night, including Fun Dip and slap bracelets. During the game, there’s going to be games of Pogs, Pokemon, and Mario Kart happening. There’s no better excuse to celebrate Throwback Thursday a day early.

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