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“Bond 24” Producers Send Out Casting Call For A Henchman


james bond

Bond 24 (#19 on our list of “30 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015“) is in the works and the latest news shows that the producers want to create an evil henchman that ranks right up there with the likes of JAWS and Odd Jobb.

A casting notice popped up that described the kind of evil-doer the producers of the next James Bond movie are hoping to put in their next movie. The new villain would be an evil character called “Hinx” who is a male between the ages of 30 and 45. He is “over 6′ 2,” “extremely physically fit” and someone who looks “very unusual.” The casting notice also stated that the villain would have to be able to go toe to toe with the likes of James Bond and the actor playing him should come from “a sports background.” The new movie starts shooting this December and is scheduled to be released in theaters in November of 2015.

The Daniel Craig movies feel like a departure from the usual James Bond fare because his first movie Casino Royale had to reinvent the series in order to revive it. Now that they’ve kept up that pace pretty well through Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, they can sneak some old staples from the Bond movies that we grew up with like imposing villains with unique traits and a few more secret but deadly gadgets such as exploding pens and car ejector seats. It would be nice if they could bring back one of the old villains like JAWS or Odd Jobb just for a small cameo for old time’s sake.

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