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Maitland Ward: Sideboob Queen of Sci-Fi’s Red Carpet [PICS]


Yeah, we saw Sharnado 2 in a movie theater on Thursday night–but it didn’t have the star power of the L.A. screening with Tara Reid, Tiffany Shepis, and the rest of the Sharknado cast on the red carpet. But the Sharknado 2 spotlight was really stolen by Maitland Ward in a dazzling display of sideboob, which was only fitting for the star of…, um, well, nothing really.  [photo: Rachel Murray/Getty]

We’re really grateful for how much Maitland Ward showed did for the Sharknado 2 big-screen premiere. She just didn’t have anything to do with the movie. Actually, Maitland Ward doesn’t have much to do with acting nowadays, but that doesn’t keep her from continually being the sexiest thing at red-carpet events.

Maitland doesn’t seem to have really done any acting since 2007, and she’s only known for soap operas and being in the Wayans Brothers comedy White Girls. She played a white girl. And yet Maitland keeps popping up in amazing outfits for video game premieres and Comic Con events (and even the first Sharknado premiere) like she’s a major figure in the fantasy biz.

We are not complaining. At least Maitland seems dedicated to getting a reputation as a Geek Goddess, and she’s working hard to inspire some proper fantasies. Check out these red carpet pics (including some hot cosplay) and see why Maitland deserves to get discovered at one of these events…

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