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Iggy Azalea Falls Off The Stage – And We Add Some Sexier GIFs [VIDEO]


iggy azelea

We don’t what it is about watching famous performers fall of the stage that makes it so enthralling. It’s probably because they have this public persona that they are so smooth so watching them stumble and fall like the rest of us do makes us more human or we’re just sick bastards who get a kick out of watching famous people get hurt. Either way, the latest performer to take a tumble is rapper Iggy Azalea.

Just a day before her big debut at the MTV Video Music Awards, Azalea performed at a benefit concert in New York City. She was performing her signature hit Fancy when she stepped a little too far towards the end of the stage and stepped into pure air. It looked like she took a pretty hard fall. The crowd was understandably upset–but not upset enough to stop filming the moment for their Instagram and Vine channels…


One can only hope that she managed to get her two left feet out of the way before her big performance at tonight’s VMA awards. Then again, it could be the thing that everyone talks about tomorrow, even if sex-crazed Nicki Minaj shows up completely naked while wearing a live anaconda. That could happen, so it’s only fair to remind everyone that Iggy can be sexy onstage, too. Just check out these intimate Iggy GIFs…

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