Woman Who Won The Week: Nicki Minaj

Move over Miley, you’ve been dethroned by everyone’s favorite Trinidad & Tobago export–that being Nicki Minaj. This week, Nicki’s video for her latest single “Anaconda” dropped, and eceived 19.6 million views within the first 24 hours. That flew past Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” record of 19.3 million. The single, which features a ridiculously catchy hook and samples Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” may be coming in too late to be declared this summer’s anthem, but it’s definitely one for the record books.

Nicki had a hell of a week, making her the easy choice for Woman Who Won the Week. She dwarfed the release of Taylor Swift‘s new single, “I Hate Whoever The Last Guy That Dumped Me Was”–or whatever the hell it was called–showing that she’s got staying power in an industry that just doesn’t produce a ton of artists who can boast of that elusive talent.

Nicki’s capping off this record setting week by opening the MTV Video Music Awards tomorrow night (with “Bang Bang” cohorts Ariana Grande and Jessie J), and she’s sure to cause a ruckus cwith the synergy surrounding her single and video dropping. MTV has Nicki sitting in the audience next to Miley, too. It should be a great watch no matter what happens, and we just can’t stop watching Nicki, no matter what she’s up to next. That includes recently mixing up her image between shocking and sultry, which is how we get sexy shots like these…

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