Chelsea Kane Is No Misery In Tonight’s “#PopFan” Knock-Off [PICS]

Stephen King fans will find themselves suffering from a major case of déjà vu tonight when the new Lifetime movie #PopFan airs. The plot is basically the same as King’s famous novel Misery, which was turned into an Oscar-winning 1990 film. Now while this “homage” will likely not garner many awards, all eyes are on the film’s star Chelsea Kane, who’s poised to be the next big starlet to break out of the cable movie industry.

Chelsea might not be a household name just yet, but this 25 year old beauty is about to show the world that she can do over the top melodrama with the best of them. Kane appeared on the final season of One Tree Hill, and has been a cast member of ABC Family’s Baby Daddy since 2012. The small screen has been kinder to her than the big screen, where she’s only appeared in the 2007 flop Bratz, but with the teen movie craze once again in full swing, it shouldn’t be long before she’s starring in a film once again.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Chelsea, and this damsel in distress role is the perfect showcase for both her acting and vocal talents, so it should be interesting to watch. How often can you say that you saw someone right before they got huge? Well, prepare to say at least that much about the beautiful Chelsea Kane…

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